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Hello Los Angeles!

Events, families and creative branding are my jam as a photographer - in all the colorful, wild varieties they can be found! A people-person and goofball at my core, it’s your moments of unhinged laughter, unique displays of intimacy, strength and grace that I keep my eyes peeled for.

My photography business was born 5 years ago in Queens, New York, where I had the joy of capturing a truly diverse breadth of human love experiences. I found deep satisfaction in the relationships I built over time with my repeat clients — these folks who gave me the chance to watch love literally grow in front of my lens. 

That said - this California native is so happy to be back in this glorious golden state! My desire for more nature and sun (natural light is my other jam as a photographer), landed me right below Griffith park. Most evenings you'll find me walking the hills with my dog Roo - sniffing out all the fresh blooms and loving on that day’s smoggy sunset. 

I aim for authenticity in my work, meaning our sessions will be more candid then posed (don’t worry I’m here to help guide you in a fun way if you're camera shy!). I value kindness like it’s gold and want you to feel at home with me, truthfully seen, and so happy with the way I capture you and yours that you'll keep coming back!